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Neuromizer is the result of a strategic partnership between Focus Bari-a leading market research agency-and Optimal -a leading agency in the HR & consultancy sectors.

What is Neuromizer

Neuromizer is the result of a strategic partnership between Focus Bari-a leading market research agency-and Optimal -a leading agency in the HR & consultancy sectors.  The two organizations co-branded  Neuromizer, in order to provide  break through Neuromarketing services in Market Research in Greece.  Focus Bari provides the Neuromizer Research Solution in the Greek market, combining its expertise in consumer research and insights, and offering client service and support.  Optimal provides the technology, methodology execution and deliverables, under the leadership of Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis Head of Neuro Consulting Services, Optimal, Professor of Practice, University of York European Campus, Visiting Professor, University of Ljubljana.  Dr. Dimitriadis has tested more than 7,5k brains in 25 countries, and his vast experience and studies position him at the top of Europe’s Neuromarketing experts.

Why Neuromarketing In Consumer Research?

Because Neuromarketing delves into the vast majority of consumers decisions and experiences which occur “under the hood”, i.e. subconsciously!  According to Zaltman (2003), 95% of decision-making is unconscious, therefore people are not fully aware of why they choose something and why they like it.   Also, according to Nease (2016), out of 10 million bits of information received by the brain per second, only 50 bits are processed in our conscious mind.   As a result, Neuromarketing, stand alone or in combination with traditional consumer research methods, sheds a new light in understanding consumers reactions and behavior, giving Marketers a much more informed prediction guidance.

When Is Neuromarketing Mostly Suitable In Marketing Research?

Neuro can address specific marketing questions: it is suitable for advertising, shopper experience, packaging, web usability, pricing, branding, retailing etc., more specifically, when the aim is to find what works and how to make it work better.  It works particularly well in A/B testing. It is less suitable for marketing questions that steer more towards the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of consumer behavior – in such cases the brain alone cannot reveal much.   Neuro has very good predictive power for actual buying behavior (see below, MediaScience (2017).

How Do Respondents Participate?

With an experience of over 250 projects in more than 15 countries, consumers are willing to participate in Neuromarketing research studies and projects, similarly to their response rate in the traditional research methods.  Usually a sample ranging between 15 to 30 Individuals of the target group is enough to complete a Neuromarketing research project satisfactorily.  Respondents are assisted to wear the absolutely safe and latest technology EEG equipment and Eye Tracking glasses, at all times accompanied by our experienced and specially trained fieldwork executives.  Also, Neuromarketing can be applied in real-life conditions, e.g. in-store, at a bank ATM, etc., monitoring brain reactions in an actual, non-laboratory environment.


Neuromizer is the only full-service neuromarketing provider in Southeast Europe, applying the following neuro-technologies:

  • Lab Electroencephalogram cap (EEG)
  • Real environment Electroencephalogram cap (EEG)
  • Eye-tracking glasses
  • Eye-tracking camera bars
  • Eye-tracking mobile phone set
  • Galvanic Skin Response wearable (GSR)
  • Emotional voice analysis
  • Emotional face analysis
  • Implicit Association Test (IAT)
  • Online neuromarketing testing tools
Indicative Applications Of Neuromizer

Either stand alone, or in combination with traditional research methods, Neuromarketing is highly recommended in testing:

  • TV, Online, Print, Radio Ads
  • Creative Concepts / corporate identity
  • Logos and Brand Elements
  • Rebranding / Repositioning / Brand or Corporate Makeover
  • Digital and Real Shop Customer Journeys
  • Retail Design
  • Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Pricing Options
  • Call centers
  • Sensory product characteristics (Smell, Taste, Touch, Audio)
  • Complaint Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Employer Branding Campaigns
  • Video Gaming

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