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We are one of the largest Market Research Agencies in Greece, conducting every year a large number of studies on behalf of local and international businesses. Through our studies we record consumption trends, preferences and habits among the Greeks in relation to a wide variety of consumer products and services.

Through our surveys, which we design and implement with absolute professionalism, responsibility and respect to participating respondents, we then give our customers valuable guidelines as to the creation or improvement of their products and services offered to you. In fact, we are the “connecting platform”, bridging communication between consumers and manufacturers. Thus, our studies are an opportunity for the “consumers’ voice” to be heard!

In order to conduct our surveys, we contact daily thousands of households all over Greece, either via telephone, or face-to-face, or online, asking for their members to participate in our surveys if they are willing and available.

For all our surveys we strictly adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, as well as the guidelines and requirements of PESS (IQCS) and SEDEA for which we are systematically surveyed and certified.

Our obligations towards all respondents participating in our surveys are regulated by the Greek and European legislation, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, as well as the guidelines and requirements of PESS (IQCS) and SEDEA.Within this context, we ensure and certify the following:

• Respect to your time and contribution/participation: we design all our surveys in such a way as to limit the length of our questionnaires to the absolute minimum and should this be possible, we always give you the option to choose the date and time for the interview based on your availability.

• We always treat you with respect: we take all necessary measures so that your experience, when participating in our surveys, is as pleasant as possible and fruitful for you, we always approach you giving our name and all possible contact details so that you can come in touch with us if you need more information, we are honest with you regarding your own right to choose whether you will participate or not in our surveys, we let you know the time you will need to devote in order to complete an interview, and through our recruitment procedures and our trained staff we ensure that all our interviewers have an excellent attitude and behavior towards you.

 We are always listening to your views and requests: you can find a large number of published results of our surveys, which give you the opportunity to have a more complete view of our activities, and we offer you all possible ways to contact us, if you need more details. Also, we give you a full explanation of how our interviewers have come to select you with an invitation to participate in a survey, what is the subject of each particular survey, how the results of the survey are going to be used/presented, and we always give you the opportunity to express your views and comment on each survey that you participate.

• We keep your opinions and personal data strictly confidential: we fully understand that every time you participate in a survey, you are sharing your views and personal data with us, and for this reason we use this information only for statistical purposes and never publish any information that allows your personal data to be disclosed to any third party, whether this concerns you as a person, your household, or your business. We ensure that all our staff and interviewers are aware and accept these conditions of confidentiality regarding your personal data, while our technical systems and infra-structure fully support maximum private data security.

Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about our surveys. Alternatively, you can also contact us for more information.

Where can I see the results of a survey that I participated?

We frequently upload presentations of our surveys results in our website. Also, many of our surveys results are published in the Media, either directly from us, or through our customers. However, many of the surveys we conduct cannot be published, since their results are confidential to the clients who have commissioned them.
If, however, you wish to have more information regarding a survey that you participated, you can contact us directly.

I was willing to participate in a survey but finally I did not. Why?

Frequently our surveys have some limitations regarding the different population subgroups that we have to cover in our sample design, in terms of age, gender, area, etc. Consequently, the only reason that you have not participated in a specific survey although you were willing to, mis ost probably the fact that we had completed the target sample of your demographics. We would like to thank you for your eagerness to participate in our surveys, and we hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to contact you on another project. Your opinion is always valuable to us!

Why might an interview last longer than you suggested in your introduction?

The duration of a questionnaire is a very important factor in the smooth conduct of an interview, therefore, when designing a questionnaire we do our best to estimate its completion duration. However, no matter how hard we try to estimate the interview duration with accuracy, the actual interview duration may be affected by a number of parameters, such as the habits or experiences of each respondent, which affect the number of questions that have to be administered, or the varying expression modes between people, or other factors.

Do you have the right to conduct interviews with children?



Opinions and views of children and young people are extremely valuable in our surveys, but before proceeding with such an interview and / or collecting personal data from children under 16y.o. we always obtain the consent of the parent or responsible adult.

We take special care when considering whether to involve children and young people in research. The questions asked always take into account their age and level of maturity while for the total procedure we always abide to the Greek and European legislation, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, as well as the guidelines and requirements of PESS (IQCS) and SEDEA.

If you have any hesitation regarding an interview that we have conducted with a child of this age, please contact us.

How can I feel sure that the information I share with you is safe?

At Focus Bari, we respect your privacy and manage with special diligence the personal data we request from when asking your opinion and views in the context of conducting market research projects.

All our staff and interviewers are by contract committed to abide to the Greek and European legislation, the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics, as well as the guidelines and requirements of PESS (IQCS) and SEDEA.

Our interviewers inform you about the subject of each survey and you can rest assured that all information you share with us will remain strictly confidential. Your personal data are filed separately from the content of your interview, so that nobody can match your opinions with your personal data. Your opinions are accumulated together with the opinions of all respondents participating in each survey, and are presented in aggregate results.
After completion of all quality controls that we are obliged to have in each survey, your personal data (ie. name, address, telephone number) are destroyed.

Why do you ask for so many of my personal data?

There are two reasons why we need your personal data:
• general demographics(data such as your age, education, area of residence, number of members in your household etc.) help us analyze our results in the various demographic groups and lead us to more detailed conclusions that complete our surveys analyses.
• personal data (such as your telephone number) allow us to ensure that each interview is real, and that all information recorded by our interviewers are correct and valid, exactly as you have provided them to us.


Where did you find my telephone number?

In most telephone surveys, the telephone numbers used are selected randomly, with a method known as “Radom Digit Dialing”. Starting from landline geographic telephone codes (for example 2310 in Thessaloniki area) or mobile telephone codes (for example 6946)  the rest of the digits are completed randomly, so as to have a total of 10 digits for each telephone number we dial. For all these telephone numbers, we do not have any other information, apart from the general area for landlines). Consequently, a number belonging to a residence, or a business, or a fax number may be formed, not corresponding to a subscriber. We strictly adhere to this random digit dialing method for all our telephone surveys in order to ensure that we have a fully representative sample of all the geographic areas that should be covered in every survey.

Why did I find so many calls on my phone from your company’s number?

Every survey has to have a representative sample of households coming from different areas, as well as households whose members are most frequently at home, and those whose members are usually out of home. When our telephone calling systems dial the number of a household whose members are not at home, and there is no reply at that moment, then the system is programmed to call this same number again on the next few days at different hours of the day, and this may happen several times, depending on the survey. In this way, we increase the probability of participation of households whose members are usually out of home, in order for our survey samples to be as representative and correct as possible.

You have called me and I don’t want you to call me again. What should I do?

Your participation in our surveys is voluntary and you have every right to refuse to participate, or ask us not to contact you again. We fully respect your wish.

You can request to be excluded from out surceys by sending us a mail via our contact form. If you send us such a request, this will be effected within one, or maximum two working days. No matter the way you may choose to contact us, you will need to let us know the telephone number that you want us to exclude from our lists and not call again. Since the numbers we dial are randomly formed (see more at “where did you find my telephone number?”) we are not in a position to know which one is the telephone number that you want us to exclude and not call again. 

Why do you call me when I have registered a private number?

Αrticle 11 of Law 3471/2006 on “Unsolicited communication” refers to the purposes of direct commercial promotion of products or services and any type of advertising. The purpose for which you received a call from our company does not fall under the above; the purpose of our contact  was to request your participation in market & opinion research project that we are conducting which, in order to be representative, must express the opinions of many and different people. That is why we call randomly generated phone numbers without knowing if they are confidential/private.

It is your right to choose not to have your phone called by our company, and we fully respect that. If this is the case, please let us know by sending us a mail via our contact form (see also “You have called me and I don’t want you to call me again. What should I do?”)

How have you selected me to participate in your survey?

In each survey we cannot conduct an interview with every member of the population, so we take an interview from a sample of different people, whose opinions reflect those of a larger social milieu. We usually select random building blocks in different locations of the areas we cover in a survey, and our interviewers are instructed to work in these building blocks, following a pre-defined route, knocking on all household doors, the one after the other. In other cases, the interviews take place in central locations (commercial streets, outside the metro, etc).  Your participation in any of our surveys is absolutely voluntary and we fully understand that the success of each survey depends on the good will of the people whose participation we wish to have. If you do not wish to participate in a survey—as you have every right to choose—you can simply say so to our interviewer. However, if you wish to contact us  for more information you can do so here.

How can I be sure that the person contacting me is actually a Focus Bari interviewer?

All Focus Bari interviewers, and all interviewers of any market research agency-member of SEDEA,  are obliged to carry a special identity card at which you can see their name, their company’s name and their photograph. If you wish to certify that a person who has contacted you with a Focus Bari interviewer identity is actually one of our interviewers, please contact us directly here

Why did your interviewer asked for my telephone number at the end of the interview?

We ask for this information so that we have the opportunity to verify that our interviewers have recorded your opinions with accuracy. We need to be sure that they operate as the best possible ambassadors of Focus Bari. So within the next few days from the interview, you might receive a telephone call from our offices asking you to verify some key details regarding your interview.


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