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Personal Data Protection Policy- GDPR

Personal data policy - GDPR

Personal Data Protection Policy according to the EU Regulation 2016/279 Of the European Commission and of the April 27, 2016 Council.

1. Who we are
FOCUS BARI is a Greek, privately owned market research company, launched in 1988, and enjoying a leading market position in the fields of Media Research, Marketing Research and Consumer Insights based business consultancy.  For more information on the activities of FOCUS BARI please visit

2. Where we belong
FOCUS BARI is registered at:

  • The Register of Television & Radio Research Organizations with number thirteen (13)
  • The Register of Transparency Control of the National Radio-Television Council with number forty three (43)
  • The Register of Public Opinion Polling Organizations which is kept at the Department of Control and Transparency of the National Radio-Television Council with number fifteen (15)

FOCUS BARI is a member of:

3. Codes of Conduct
As an AGMORG member, FOCUS BARI strictly adheres to all the Codes of Conduct & Ethics of ESOMAR/ICC  ( regarding best practices in market research, as well as the quality control procedures  imposed by IQCS (Interviewing Quality Control System – PESS).  As far as the personal data protection regulation, FOCUS BARI is compliant to the guidelines and best practices published by AGMORG, with the objective to specialize and adapt the regulation to the market research sector, so as to achieve its best possible application.

4. Definitions
Personal data means information which, either independently or in combination with others, may lead indirectly or directly to the identification of a person.

As a general example, this information may include name, date of birth, gender, age, address, email address, UserId & Password access to online services as well as to technical information regarding accessing or using personal communication devices.

5. Purpose for collecting personal data
At FOCUS BARI SA, we respect your privacy and manage with special diligence the personal data we request from you in order to contact you and ask for your opinion in the context of conducting market research projects.

6. Types of personal data we collect
The personal data we collect varies depending on the type of research projects we undertake and   may fall into the following categories:

  • Contact data: i.e first name, last name, phone, email
  • Demographics: i.e gender, age, occupation, place of residence, marital status, nationality
  • Consumer habits: i.e consumer goods you buy, consumption habits of SMEs or other
  • Sensitive data: i.e health data, smoking habits or other

Especially for Qualitative Surveys, audio and/or video files may in some cases be downloaded with your prior express consent

7. Sources of personal data

  • In telephone surveys such as “Radio Station Audience Measurements” we create random telephone numbers by using special software. These numbers are algorithmically generated and not exported from existing directories. We do not know is these numbers are used in reality or to whom they belong to.
  • By receiving customer’s contact lists for the purpose of conducting research projects
  • Regarding face-to-face surveys, we select through special software random points (building blocks) that we visit, without knowing in advance who lives there.
  • In other face-to-face surveys (e.g. outside shops, central points, etc.) we randomly select prospective participants from the passing/exiting points
  • From our Website for the purpose of conducting an online survey


  • From a winners’ file to receive prizes you have won through your participation in our FOCUS-OnLine online platform
  • Through the contact form of our website
  • From CVs that we collect for the purpose of working with you as researchers or working in our company
  • If you are a member of our company’s staff, you should be aware that we keep a record for payroll and social security reasons in accordance with applicable laws.
  • These sources are indicative and may be modified depending on the type of projects we undertake or the requirements of the market

8. Types of personal data we collect
Regardless of the type and manner of collection of personal data, we make sure to inform you of the following:

  1. The categories of data we’re going to collect
  2. The purpose of the processing
  3. The time of retention of your data in our company
  4. Possible transfer to a regulatory authority for control purposes
  5. Possible transfer to a partner or client for the purpose of performing a project contract
  6. How you can exercise your rights in accordance with the Regulation

Before we collect your data we always request your explicit consent.

9. Requesting consent from parents & guardians for interviewing minors less than 16 years old

In some surveys we may need to interview minors less than 16 years old). In this case we first ask for the explicit consent of the child’s parent or guardian after providing then with sufficient information.

10. Retention periods
Α. Quantitative research
The company maintains your data immediately after collection and keeps it in this format for a limited time and only for the purpose of checking the quality and authenticity of the data and the reliability of the investigation in the context of its obligations towards the EIA and the PES quality control system

B. PANEL Members of Qualitative & Online research
The company keeps personal data of persons who consent to participate in a panel of quality &  online   surveys for a minimum of three years.

11. Transmission
We do not normally transmit your personal data to third parties inside or outside the EU for processing σας purposes.

Exceptionally, personal data may be transmitted after we have obtained your consent and after you have been informed about the time they will be retained, the purpose of the transmission, as well as the full contact details as well as the contact details of the recipient.

12. Return or Deletion of Data
After the end of the retention period, we see that your date is either returned to their source or safely erased.

In order to securely return your data to the source:

  • We follow a secure data destruction protocol that describes the process and means of destruction/return.
  • We keep an erasure log

13. Recording Interviews
In telephone surveys interviews are recorded for internal quality control purposes. To do this, your explicit consent is first sought. Recorded records shall be kept for as long as necessary and shall be destroyed in accordance with paragraph 12 above.

14. Links to social media
We maintain pages on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate with the general public.

Your personal data recorded on social networking pages is never transmitted to us. Social networking sites have their own privacy policies that are independent of ours.

15. Cookies
Cookies are small files that browsers may collect in order to facilitate your future visits and measure traffic.

At FOCUS BARI we do not process cookies for market research purposes.

16. Exercising your rights
As long as our company keeps your data in an identifiable format you have the following rights:

  • Right to be informed: When we contact you for the purpose of participating in a research project, you are provided with the required information in accordance with paragraph 8 above
  • Right of access: At your written request you have the right to be informed of any data that our company keeps about you
  • Right to withdraw your consent: The withdrawal will take effect from the submission of a written request onwards in accordance with the following
  • Right to update your data: The update will concern any processing that may take place after a written request has been sent in accordance with the following.
  • Right to erasure: Erasure will take place no later than 7 working days after receiving the request in accordance with the following

You can request the exercise of your rights by sending an email to

17. Security Measures
Our company implements physical, technical and organizational measures to protect your data against loss, theft, unauthorized access or unauthorized modification.

The User Name and Password you use to access the Focus Online Site is for your exclusive use only. We advise you not to share this information with anyone.

18. Data Protection Officer Information
We have appointed Dr. Michalis Vlahakis, CISA, ISO 27001 CIS LA, as Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Our DPO can be reached at

19. Complaint management
For any complaint you can contact us by sending mail to

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