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02 / 072024Only one in ten Greeks say they are happy with their life in Greece – International Survey “Dreams & Aspirations” in 17 countries by IRIS Network and Focus Bari for Greece

Focus Bari, representing in Greece the international network IRIS (International Research Institutes), participated in an original survey on "Aspirations - Dreams - Expectations" designed and implemented on the initiative of the network in 17 countries at the beginning of 2024.

According to the very interesting findings :
- Only one in ten Greeks say they are happy living the life they would like to live, and the rest feel a great distance between reality and dream!
- The proportion of "happy" citizens varies from country to country, without this necessarily being linked to their living/economic level!
- Nevertheless, the common aspiration of the peoples of all countries is a better everyday life and a higher standard of living.
- As a priority of their governments, all peoples consider that citizen care should be at the first level compared to international influence/position.
- Seven out of ten Greeks feel that as a people we have no common dream, and a strong desire is to feel "proud of their country again"!
- Six out of ten Greeks would like, if they could, to live in another country, preferably Switzerland, the USA, Italy and others.

See the whole survey presentation here

14 / 062024Two out of three Greeks say they spend time aimlessly on Social

According to the new edition of Focus on Tech Life of Focus Bari which has been conducted nationwide continuously since 1995:

  • All Greeks (96%) are internet users, while 79% of those aged 65-74 years surf daily, and even from their mobile phones, as...
  • Smartphone ownership has reached 95% in Greece
  • The use of social networks is the number one reason to connect to the internet, while...
  • Two out of three Greeks admit to idly browsing through social media
  • Seven out of ten Greeks have made at least one online purchase in the last six months, and the trend for online shopping is on the rise.
  • Finally, more than one in two Greeks consider AI to be a development in the advancement of technology, but...
  • Seven in ten are concerned about the possibility of AI getting "out of control"

See the whole new FOTL Tips issue here

04 / 062024One in three Greeks bet while a sporting event is in progress!

Teams, fans and betting were the focus of Focus Bari's latest Nationwide Survey, which-among other things-showed that:

  • Two out of five Greek fans (42%) believe that betting companies should sponsor sports and teams, while...
  • More than one in three (35%) expect their team sponsors to provide them with special privileges and offers
  • Seven in ten Greeks admit that betting on sports is addictive, but...
  • One in three like to bet as a game is in progress, while...
  • There is a clear link between betting and watching sporting events, meaning that when you bet on an event, you are likely to watch it in progress!

See the whole survey presentation here

21 / 052024Greeks and Gambling Volume I

Focus Bari's latest research shares a survey about Greeks and Gambling

See the full presentation here

16 / 042024Greeks & Mental Health – Self Improvement

Focus Bari's latest research shares a survey about Greeks and their mental health and self-improvement methods

See the full presentation here

22 / 032024The CX Stories : Actual Customer Experience Stories

Focus Bari latest insight shares the CX Stories : Actual Customer Experience Stories

Read the whole presentation here

13 / 03202496%of Greeks are online…

According to the latest issue of Focus on Tech Life Tips, 96%of Greeks are online…

See the latest issue here

29 / 022024Greek Women 2024 : Guys, are we equal?

A new YouGov Profiles research from Focus Bari reveals women's place in work, family and women's view of life.

See the full presentation of the survey here.

13 / 022024Greeks AI & ChatGPT

According to a new  Survey by Focus Bari, which systematically monitors the relationship and opinions of Greeks regarding Artificial Intelligence, it is found that:

  • Two out of three Greeks express a cautious attitude towards the impact that the expanded use of IT will have on society and on our lives
  • Nevertheless, the proportion of Greeks who have a Chat GPT account is constantly increasing, from 21% in July 2023 to 30% in February 2024, and it is used for a multitude of topics of interest, for work and for studies by students.
  • While it is considered an easy-to-use, time & effort-saving tool, Chat GPT users largely find it needs some care in how to use it, as its responses are often simplistic and require verification.
  • Finally, a significant proportion of users fear that Chat GPT is dangerous because it hinders study, thinking, developing judgment and progress

See the full survey here



06 / 022024Greeks, Food & Nutrition Vol.2

The new YouGov Profiles survey by Focus Bari reveals Greeks' relationship with food, nutrition, fitness & media influence

See the whole survey presentation here



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