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About Us

Why with us

Our tagline is “we offer our clients peace of mind with their decisions”.

Choosing to work with us, our clients can rest assure that our knowledgeable researchers combine their experience and expertise in designing optimum projects, based exactly on their needs.

Our outstanding approach in every single project leads us to go beyond the extra mile, ensuring all clients’ requests and questions are fully covered.

Lastly, our infra-structure and exclusive research models and tools offer clients the certainty that any research question, even the most extreme, will be answered safely and reliably, ensuring success for the decisions to follow.

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Our company

Vision & Philosophy

Our vision and mission are to support and empower healthy entrepreneurship growth : we believe that businesses succeed only if they regularly communicate with their customers and employees. Only then they can create and offer consumers successful, life-improving products and services, in an inspiring environment of prosperity and growth. And only then they can have “peace of mind” with their decisions. With this focused vision in mind, we transform data into valuable business guidelines, through a system of values summarized in six “couples”:

Honesty & consistency
Specialization & Creativity
Innovation & Leadership
Reliability & Ethics
Initiative & Investment
Flexibility & adaptability

Corporate Identity

A 100% private Greek ownership

A 100% private Greek ownership, Focus Bari was launched in September 1988 by a team of experienced and specialized Market Research professionals. In view of its innovative, exclusive research initiatives and its state-of-the-art infra structure, Focus Bari soon climbed to the top-rank agencies in Greece, establishing the market of Media Industry Currency Surveys, of which it retained leadership for over 30 years. What has distinguished Focus Bari from its early days is its team of talented researchers who always go beyond the extra mile offering customers top-level business guidelines based on consumer insights.

Research Surveys signed by Focus Bari are widely used by all the market of communications, telcos, technology at a local and international level, as well as the Academic community, acknowledged by all relevant industry organizations.  Hence, the leading team of Focus Bari are frequently guest keynote speakers at local and international conferences.

Focus Bari is an ESOMAR member (European Society for Opinion & Marketing Research), one of the founding members of SEDEA/AGMORC (Association of Greek Market & Opinion Research Companies) and a certified member of PESS (Quality Control of Data Collection),  the self-regulatory system of SEDEA. Focus Bari strictly adheres to the ESOMAR/ICC International Code on Market & Social Research, ESOMAR and SEDEA guidelines and operates always in accordance with the legislation governing the Protection of Person Data at National and European level.

Milestones, Facts & Figures

Launch of Radio Audience Measurement
Launch of National Readership Measurement
The first Tracking study on Mobile Telephone market
WebID. The first Continuous monitor on internet usage
European Qualitative 5-year barometer
Outscan. The first Outdoor media measurement
Launch of Computer Assisted fieldwork methods
Winners of the first JC Radio Audience tender (Aemar)
Launch of Sesame - International Media planning SW
We go online! Launch of our own proprietary online panel
E-Satisfaction strategic partnership
Launch of Focus On Tech Life survey. We go multipledform!
CX releated services & accreditation
Focus Bari | YouGov affiliate partnership
Neuromizer Launch
In 35 years of operation
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Our people

At Focus Bari, we believe that the most important and valuable capital for any organization is its people. We are particularly happy that currently the business community has realized the critical importance of human capital, acknowledging their successful leaders. At Focus Bari, we enjoy the cooperation with 200+ top-rate professionals who honor us with their contribution and loyalty, and to whom we feel deeply thankful!

xenia kourtoglou

Kourtoglou Xenia

Founder & Managing Partner
"For me, Focus Bari is inspired people who constantly create; a continuous flow of improvements, challenges and growth opportunities, rich and valuable lessons of life, an actual way of life!"

Kapodistrias George

President & Managing Director
"I was lucky to join Focus Bari from the beginning, at its launch in 1988, and go on board its exciting journey! A journey that offers me unique moments and experiences, opportunities, lessons to learn and challenges which lead me to constant progress and self-improvement.

Tsamis Valeria

Vice President – Executive Director
"My first memory: October 1993, late in the evening, we were preparing the presentation for a very urgent project. The following day, our client’s enthusiasm confirmed our thoughts: WE ARE AN AMAZING TEAM! It was the first time I felt this sense of belonging; and I still feel it every day"

Dimopoulou Antigoni

Group Account Director
"I joined Focus Bari in Fall 1997, on the day of its 9th anniversary. I met my colleagues at a joyful celebration and what captured me was their bonding, love and true happiness for being together as “one big family”

Moshandreou Katerina

Account Director
"When you have the opportunity to work on what you love, at an agency that combines flexibility and stability, knowledge and creativity, freedom and team spirit, then all your days are full of interesting experiences and great value; at Focus Bari, this is our daily life!"
Koutouvali Elena scaled

Koutouvali Elena

People & Insights Director
In Focus Bari, we continuously set higher goals and we are always committed to achieve them. Passion & love for what we do is our inspiration, know-how & expertise that we continuously evolve are the tools, high quality & effectiveness is always our purpose!

Kampouris Panos

Senior Account Manager
«It is a great feeling to be able to express yourself through your job!»
Elli Zarkadi

Elli Zarkadi

Account Manager – YouGov Products
I am proud to be part of a team that breaks new ground in market research with passion and dedication.
Katerina Kontou

Kontou Katerina

Account Manager
"Focus Bari, a milestone in my personal and professional journey, or in three words: people - inspiration - creation"

Tools & Resources

Today, 23 highly talented professionals work permanently at Focus Bari in Athens and Thessaloniki, cooperating with a team of 180 interviewers and field supervisors, supported by an infra-structure of 120 CAPI/TAPI and 60 CATI stations.  Also, as the affiliate partner of YouGov in Greece, Focus Bari has access to one of the largest, international online panels in the globe, which gives it capacity to conduct online surveys in Greece and in 57+ countries.

Focus Bari uses the most successful, international, specialized market research software for conducting quantitative surveys: VOXCO, including Voxco Multi-Mode, Voxco CATI, Voxco IVR, Voxco Dialer, Voxco Online, Voxco CAPI, Voxco Mobile. For Qualitative studies Focus Bari premises have 3 fully equipped Focus Group Rooms (1 way mirror and Monitoring via cam & mic). For Online Focus Groups or Online In-depth Interviews we use 2 pro ZOOM accounts and Skype.

For Online communities, our team is experienced with Revelation and Recollective platforms, while also making use of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) depending on the required target group and study specification.

Focus Bari uses the most advanced software solutions for data analysis & exploitation: SPSS (ver.21), Crunch, Voxco Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Sawtooth Software and Sesame (International software for media planning provided exclusively to Focus Bari for Greece).

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International presence

59 countries

Since our launch, we developed international expertise in Greece, and have ever since kept active participations in international networks such as IRIS and establishing long term partnerships, such as becoming the affiliate partner of YouGov in Greece, which give us presence and activity in 57+ countries all around the globe’s 5 continents. Thus, we are constantly updated in state-of-the-art, latest technologies in our field, and able to expand our projects internationally on behalf of our multi-country operating clients.

Industry & Social contribution
At Focus Bari, we believe that individual and collective prosperity coincide.

At Focus Bari, we believe that individual and collective prosperity coincide. It is within the scope of our operation to offer our best to our Market Research community; promoting high industry standards through the model of our own operation and through our volunteer work for our market, our whole industry is promoted, enjoying a strong presence in the country.

Focus Bari a launching member of AGMORC (Association of Greek Market & Opinion Research Companies), at which Xenia Kourtoglou, founder of Focus Bari was Vice President for 8 years, and Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director of Focus Bari, is a BoD member since 2003 and elected President since 2021.  Also, Focus Bari is an active member in organizations related to various sectors including telecommunications, technology and mass media (traditional and new).  Such organizations are EEDE, EDEE, EEET, SDE, EASE, EIEP, BNI, SEV, AMCHAM, CEO CLUBS, while one of the largest contributions of Focus Bari has been to IAB Hellas (Interactive Advertising Bureau), of which Focus Bari has been a launching member since 2001.

At Focus Bari, we actively support youth and women entrepreneurship. It is a mission we serve for more than 30 years, through regular teaching and seminars at Universities, and mentoring at startup hubs and communities.  Xenia Kourtoglou, founder of Focus Bari, has been a regular lecturer at Panteion University for 14 years, is currently an international MSc. invited Lecturer at the Athens University of Economics and Business,  is an  active member at Eurobank’s EGG since its launch in 2013, and a co-founder of I for U, the Greek Mentoring Network for Women Enterpreneurs.    Valeria Tsamis, Managing Director of Focus Bari, was a member of EASE Task Force for Women Empowerment for 3 years and since 2018 is the Head of EASE Task Force for Equality in Leadership. Since 2018, Anna Karadimitriou, Vice President of Focus Bari, is invited Lecturer at Marketing Dept of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the vocational educational program  “Omni channel & Customer Experience”, addressing the topics of Customer Experience Management, Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking and CX Measurement.


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