Group 193
Impact of Covid on human relationships

Repeated lockdown measures and limitations, coupled with the obligation to “do almost everything” at home, have greatly influenced all types of human relationships during the last months.  According to Focus Bari in cooperation with Vivid Vibes National Survey among 1623 adults 16+ nationally, conducted on January 26-28, 2021:

  • The average degree of satisfaction with each type of relationships is found at rather “average to quite good levels”, with family and friendships scoring slightly above 7/10, while professional, social and love relationships score quite lower.
  • Of course, different types of relationships are of higher or lower importance depending on the age/life stage/marital status of respondents
  • Overall, two out of three Greeks report that at least one type of their relationships has gotten worse during the pandemic (64%), while…
  • Slightly over half state that at least one type of their relationships has improved because of the pandemic conditions (53%)!
  • The big “winner” is family relationships, which are reported improved by over one out of three Greeks, while only 13% claim the opposite, and…
  • The big “loser” is—naturally—social relationships, which have got worse for 40% of Greeks, while professional and love, are also negatively affected.
  • Those who report improved relationships, do so because of more quality time together, better communication, more empathy and mutual support, as well as the opportunity to “sort out older, long existing misunderstandings.
  • On the other hand, the reasons for relationships that have gotten worse are lack of contacts, limited communication, remoteness and lack of common activities, but also frictions & tensions, obviously caused by too much time together in the restricted home area.

You can find the study’s whole presentation here