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Impact of social media during the pandemic

The latest wave of 2020 Focus on Tech Life National Survey by Focus Bari, finds the internet penetration among Greeks 16-74 years at 92%!  Virtually all Greeks are internet users, and pandemic conditions have accelerated Greeks digital interactivity in all daily life aspects: news, entertainment, communication, socialization, work and shopping!

Consequently, seven in ten Greeks state they increased the time (and energy) spent on social media and networks during the repeated waves of lockdown, currently extending to more than ten months altogether.  Facebook has reached a penetration of 75%, while Youtube and Instagram amount to 62% and 55% respectively. 

However, increased time and interaction with social media is not always positive.  As found in Focus Bari latest national survey:

  • Two out of three Greeks love social media because they keep them in contact with friends, society and the “outside world”, and…
  • Two out of five use social media to promote their work or offer their professional services
  • Three out of five declare that they devote more time to social media than they really want to, they get carried away, and they neglect other activities such as reading, other hobbies, etc., while…
  • Two out of five admit that every day they say to themselves they will not spend so much time on social media, but they don’t manage it!
  • Finally, about one out of three social media users confess that sometimes, social media content makes them feel lonely—despite the “connection” they offer, with some posts even making them feel depressed, and…
  • Especially posts with photos of great times before the pandemic makes them feel sad

You can find the whole presentation of Focus Bari Latest Social Media Survey here